Frequently Asked Questions

Do you design the sign layouts ?

We can work from your files and layouts and yes, we can work from your ideas and design the signage to suit the location.

What file format do you accept ?

We accept and can adapt almost all current file types, however any printed images will need to be set at a minimum of 200dpi at full size.

Are you work site safe ?

We are compliant with all work safe practices. We inspect and evaluate all sites for work safe conditions and report. We have workers compensation and public liability insurance policies, which can be inspected on request.

How long does it take to produce signage ?

This depends on the job. However, most signage can be completed within a few days. Large fabricated or building signage can take up to a 2 weeks.

What payment methods do you accept ?

We accept company cheques or direct deposit. A 30 day credit account can be organised on request.